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Case Study – Skin Perfection London

Client Name: Skin Perfection London

Representing: Skin and Laser Treatments

Company Background: Established in 2012, Skin Perfection has rapidly become one of the most highly-regarded, industry-leading skin and laser clinics. The treatment plans they provide are tailored to individual skin conditions and concerns. Laser hair removal from qualified therapists using the world’s best FDA-approved technologies.

Client Journey with KMG: Before joining KMG Skin Perfection hadn’t run any paid social before, only boosted some organic posts. We showed them how you could drive leads and ROAS through paid social & performance creatives.

Performance: They’ve averaged a ROAS of 2 for all of their paid social activities since we started, and some months this has been as high as 4 or 5. About 20% of their leads come through remarketing (from site visitors), and the other 80% are from prospecting to new people who’ve never engaged with Skin Perfection before. Through paid social they’ve been able to gain completely new customers they would never have reached through their existing networks, and those customers are returning and bringing their friends. Between our PPC & Paid Social campaigns, they’ve been completely booked up with new laser hair removal patients, and have started a waiting list!

With new performance creatives, they’re achieving nearly a 10% conversion rate on social, which is even higher than their PPC campaigns and achieving a £30 Cost Per Lead for treatments that cost £500+. Not to mention the lifetime value of these customers.

If you want a business with a waiting list of customers, please contact KMG.