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The Importance of Office Culture

My Summer Work Experience at KMG

Walking into the KAU Media Group headquarters on my first day of work experience, there was music playing and everyone greeted me with a smile. The modern space functions as an extension of the people in it.

It is clear that KMG is full of high spirited, fun, personable, diverse, dynamic people, and their office mirrors all of these traits. It is designed to encourage spontaneity and the development of enthusiastic, real people with bright ideas. The environment and atmosphere of the office I stepped into reflects the ‘personality’ of KMGs culture. This then transcends to the high standards of the products and services they offer to their clients.

Office culture is imperative, because it’s what differentiates a workplace from other companies. And KMGs work environment is certainly unique. KMG are naturally passionate about the latest technology. I often saw them wandering around with Virtual Reality headsets or Snapchat glasses, or competing against one another on the Play Station on their breaks. Exploring new technology is important in the digital space. It is obvious from my observations that the team feels safe, comfortable and happy at work. It’s no wonder, as the positive energy they emit is fostered by a work culture that cares about them as individuals. Management encourages team members to spend time in really getting to know one another, to build non-corporate, meaningful relationships and develop a bond where everyone benefits from each other’s interactions.

This was not what I imagined when I thought about what working in a corporate office might be like. KMG co-founders, Kash, Abid & Usman, know the importance associated with ensuring their staff enjoy coming into work to prevent clock watching. They understand the significance of having a healthy balance between business and pleasure. Thus, they encourage KMG staff to take regular mind breaks to get involved in group activities; outdoor exercise, office yoga, ping-pong competitions and table football. They share a love for eating good food together and new experiences.

This makes the office lively and it has an element of fun to the working day. It is light, spacious and airy. There are no stupid questions here, which inspires an open culture of learning. Modern and fluid working spaces attract young professionals. A restrictive culture makes an average organisation. From an interviewee perspective, a boring office pulls in unremarkable representatives. Therefore, an open workplace with working flexibility draws in ability and talent.


Happy employees = Increased productivity


Office culture is what binds employees together. It effects the morale of the office, it influences wellbeing and is the foundation of how the company operates. The KMG team shares and understands the values and principles of the company, so they feel like a valued part of a whole. They understand the importance of having a vibrant culture and the team live by it in everything they do.

KMG has a people first approach to their culture that makes sure their team don’t feel limited. They don’t feel embarrassed to let their creative juices flow and express their ideas, no matter what department they work in. They all help and get involved. This helps broaden their digital knowledge and inspires innovation every day. Of course, you can’t think outside the box if you feel like you are trapped in an Office box. From the moment I walked through the door, I sensed that this is a unique place with a one of a kind culture that I’m glad to have experienced.