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Hot Topic – KMG Amazon Advertising?!

What’s on the cards for KMG in the future? With more than 37 million monthly visitors in the UK alone, could Amazon Advertising be the chosen new service to add to our growing collection? This year we introduced KMG Snapchat Advertising and KMG Programmatic; We are so excited for the future and expanding our digital solutions for our clients.

Amazon is fast becoming a rival for our biggest, long standing Ad publishers; Google and Facebook. “The shift from traditional search ad budgets to Amazon has potential implications for Google and Bing as they face growing direct competition from the online retail giant.” Chris Sherman, Search Engine Land. They work on a similar model to Google’s Pay Per Click model, but are more product focused as Amazon is an E-commerce giant. Therefore, product terms are key.

Amazon Ads are really exciting for many reasons. The capabilities within the comparison site being one of them. Ads can be utilised in many places as the image below shows, this gives advertisers many options and real estate within the comparison site:

Amazon’s Search Results: Ads appear on the search results page, even on the first one. Despite being discreetly marked as ‘sponsored’, the ads appear seamlessly in the search results next to organically ranked products. See in the picture below the sponsored Amazon Ads served next to the organic results. Targeting is defined at keyword level and costs are only incurred when a user clicks through the ad, after which they are landed on the relevant product page. This is a form of advertising that KMG are more than familiar with and will have no trouble optimising to get our clients maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

Product listing pages: Amazon PPC ads also appear on product listing pages underneath the title and pictures, but above the product description text.

Headline Search Ads (now called Sponsored Brands): Headline Search Ads allows you to target Ads above the search results and using keywords to trigger. Headline Ads allow product images and 50 characters of Ad text. This allows for creativity. Ads are made up of a headline, brand image and carousel of selected product images, appearing directly below the search bar. “The new Sponsored Brands will not only appear above search results, but also on the left side of the page, within search results and at the bottom of the search pages. See below a screenshot of all the placements. By improving visibility and increasing the number of placements, we might see in the future that Sponsored Brands outperform Sponsored Products.” Angela Yuan

Product Display Ads: Perfect for brand awareness, Product Display Ads target by product or interests, not keywords, and appear on related product detail pages. This naturally drives the most traffic, but CTR is usually lower than the other units available. This makes this type of Ad have more in common with ad types served through Amazon’s Advertising Platform (AAP).

“Advertisers know the Amazon audience is huge and primed to buy, and that Amazon’s platform will allow them to target based on real shopping and buying data—not just demographics and interests.” Nicole Perrin

Amazon this year put their Mobile Video in Search Ads in Beta testing phase, which will be a maximum of 90 seconds. However, these are reserved for serious advertisers as the come with a high Advertising budget of $30,000 a day. This shows the value of video and it’s potential. Amazon advises videos be informative, product demo style and be no more than 30 seconds. Insider

“The new video ads are delivered in mobile search results through keyword-based buying, and link to one of three places: the product’s detail page, the advertiser’s Amazon Store, or a custom landing page on Amazon (see example below). The new units have the potential to stir up serious business for Amazon because they marry the high intent-to-purchase of product search results with the high engagement nature of video ads — two extremely valuable traits for advertisers.” Kevin Gallagher

Amazon Advertising seems like a natural progression for KMG. For more information about Amazon Advertising, please get in touch with KMG.