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With over 3.484 billion social media users worldwide, now is the time to invest in paid social. Launch new products, take part in reputable brand collaborations, and boost your content visibility.
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Drive Engagement.
Create Connections.
Be Remembered.

KAU Media Group is a certified partner of multiple publishers including; Meta, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Whatever the platform, we meet people where they’re at; delivering competitive paid social campaigns that help you stand out.

Partner with us to establish a paid social strategy that is in line with your business values, goals, and budget.

Why Paid Social?

Amplify your message and make your
brand memorable.

Social media advertising takes your business to new heights. When led by our experts, paid social delivers an unbelievable return on investment. You don’t want to miss out.

Data-driven Campaigns

Wider Audience Reach

Boosted Brand Engagement

Measurable Results

Increased Brand Awareness

Targeted Advertising

Paid Social

Advanced Ad Targeting

More brand exposure.
Faster business growth.
A connected customer base.

We connect paid social ads with responsive audiences. Working closely with you, we’ll create a targeted ad strategy that plays to your strengths and helps your brand thrive on all social channels.

Our data-driven approach ensures your campaigns stay on track – and on budget – to deliver a great return on your investment.

Enhanced Brand Exposure

Social algorithms are always changing.
Paid social helps you keep up.

We create paid social campaigns that reach new audiences and generate high levels of engagement. As experts in our industry, we know how to create campaigns that audiences connect with.

Social media forms the foundation of any effective marketing strategy. And paid social ensures your strategy has direction. Through targeted paid social media campaigns, we help you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Paid Social Reporting

Target highly tailored
audiences with carefully
crafted campaigns.

Our paid social experts deliver timely, informative reports and have the ability to continually test, re-target, and optimise our efforts to provide the best results possible.

We provide real-time reporting that displays your progress clearly and concisely and work closely with you at every stage to ensure your campaign’s success.

Start Your Campaign Today

Social media - Where life happens.

We believe that social media is the most powerful marketing tool available. It’s a storm of activity and you want to be at the centre. Partner with us and start your campaign today. Together we will utilise the power of social media to share your message, grow your brand, and reach your goals. Let’s get started.

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The KAU Media Group team is very professional, skilful and helpful in any situation. KAU team advised us on many great tips and ways to boost sales, improve communication with our leads and get much more business on a daily basis. Very happy and will continue this partnership.

Chris Davies

Graduate Coach

The team at KMG are absolutely wonderful and we have seen great results from our campaigns with them. I think they have a great understanding and feeling of the aesthetic industry and the team listen, are prompt, are pleasant to work with and come with good suggestions and ideas. Would defo recommend!

Joëlle Rotsaert


A fantastic team with results better than what we ever envisaged. Received advice, suggestions and support along the way and this helped us in our journey. Would highly recommend!

Maaz Khan



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