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Event – The Smart Ideas Conference 2019

This month saw KMG’s return to the Smart Ideas Conference 2019. It is the best gathering of Facial and Medical aesthetic personnel in the business.  The speakers at this years event all had many years experience working with, or running, established and successful aesthetic clinics, or are experts at delivering training in their own fields of expertise.

Naturally, we left the botox to the professionals and KMG led two talks around marketing. As the leaders in the performance marketing field for dental, medical and facial Aesthetics, we were delighted to be invited back to share our wisdom. As always with the KMG team, we had a really enjoyable day mingling and having fun. As per below, you can see our CEO Kash settling into a facial, with digital consultant Marcin; being Marcin! We loved seeing some familiar faces at our workshops and also many new ones too.


We decided to lead two workshops on two really important and current topics. They were: How Getting Creative on Social Media Can Transform Your Bottom Line in 2019 and How Do the UK’s Most Successful Aesthetics Clinics Make Money Through Digital? Two very worthwhile and hot topics to cover in two 90 minute slots.

Above you can see two happy attendees hashtagging #KAUMediaGroup at our creative talk. Getting creative on social advertising is really important. Not only does Facebook and Instagram favour videos in their auction, animated video ad creative correlates to a higher click through rate (as it is more engaging) and therefore, cheaper traffic and more business as a result.  So, it is paramount to be creative when advertising on Social Media.

Our second talk showcased the 5 pillars of digital success that make the most successful Aesthetics Clinics profitable online. Clinics that work with KMG have all of the following elements aligned: 1. creative strategy, 2. advertising on the correct channel, 3. appropriate campaign focus, 4.  know their online competition, and 5. flawless internal follow-up process. Therefore, if they know their online competition, they know where they sit within the market and can package their services and prices to be competitive and appealing.

If you missed our talks at the Sales and Marketing workshop this weekend, don’t worry. If you think your digital marketing could be expanded, whether it be your Social Media, exploring a new Google campaign or an SEO strategy then let the team at KAU Media Group know.