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Case Study – A-List Education

Client Name: A-List Education

Representing: Education and Tutoring

Company Background: A-List Education UK has been providing specialist support to international students applying to US universities since 2012. They offer expert guidance on all aspects of the exam preparation and application process to their private clients, ranging from SAT or ACT support to selecting best fit American universities. A-List provides bespoke in-school SAT/ACT courses and US university guidance at many leading UK schools.

Client Journey with KMG: A-List Education were already advertising on Google Ads with an agency prior to moving over to KMG. As education PPC specialists, we knew we could make their clicks work harder for them by driving the ones that count. We consulted with them on making valuable changes to their website so that is was optimised for conversions, we implemented KMG Smartchat and a killer campaign to get them more attendees.

Performance: One of the great things about Performance Marketing is that it is all measurable. Therefore, clients and marketer can track return on investment unlike traditional offline advertising. With CRM capabilities and lead nurturing software, channels can be tracked and held accountable. In our time with A-List, KMG have spent 22.67% less on Google Ads than their previous agency and improved their ROI by 151% even with less spend including all fees. In this same period with less spend, KMG achieved 212% more leads from less spend, reducing their cost per lead by 63% inclusive of fees. On the back of this, A-List has now increased their overall spend in March this year and moving forward by almost double. We are now introducing a Social Advertising strategy. We are also running an SEO camapign for them and since the campaign started, we have improved all their positions on the keyword strategy we have in place and keeping them ahead of the competition on most. This is ongoing and has been very successful.

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