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Static Facebook Ads are so last decade

Sam’s back and this month he is talking about the importance of creating engaging Facebook Ads.

If you’re part of the majority of daily social media users, you’ve probably been a user for a number of years now. It’s hard to fathom Facebook celebrates it’s 15th birthday this year. Think about it for a second. That’s a decade and a half!? To put that into context, the length of time between when Facebook went live until now is the same as the time between when Facebook went live and the 80s.

It also scares me to think I can view memories on my own personal Facebook page stretching back well over a decade. I haven’t actually mustered the courage to look as I’d rather be ignorant to the level of cringe 15 year old Samuel has stored in Facebook’s 15 year strong database.

Nonetheless if you’re anything like us 5+ year social media veterans, you’ve likely noticed a monumental shift in how businesses are communicating with their target audience. Gone are the days where you could post a status promoting your;

‘get a free house red with every £40 spent on tasting platters’

and yield a 100% impression share with your audience. Facebook has long since caught on to local businesses 10xing their turnover for free and like every business, Facebook decided to monetise their platform better. Now not only does an organic post on Facebook reach less than 2% of your existing audience, but people have been bombarded with companies trying to sell something and are now almost immune to promotional outreach.

Just like email marketing in early 00s, marketers ruined it.

That said; with over 2 billion users and the ability to define whom out of those billion+ users see your ad based on age, location, demographics, and interests, Facebook is still the digital Times Square for placements of push marketing. You just have to do a better job at getting engagement.

Arguably the biggest draw card for companies trying to seek massive ROI from ads in the last 2 years is video content. In fact video content has been pumping out for far longer than that. Think GoPro and their incredible user fed video marketing strategy that propelled them to being a 2.25 billion USD company last year. What’s more extraordinary is this was during a time where camcorders were long extinct due to the technology of camera phones. Many critics were quick to predict a huge flop. Now I’m certainly not saying you could make any product a success with a good video marketing strategy. But I am saying you could make an amazing product flop by having a terrible or no marketing strategy. Their idea was great and their marketing strategy worked. Exceptionally well. The point being is video content works and now more and more smaller local businesses are realising that it can work for them too.

According to Adobe;

“shoppers that view videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non video viewers”

Stats like this have made a huge case for social media marketers to hammer home the video content. But I’m not here to sell you on why you should do video. If you need convincing, you’re too late to the party. I’m here to tell you how – So here are my 5 tips to create a killer video ad.

1. Create videos that don’t require sound (Use subtitles).

Scrolling on Facebook often happens outside the confines of where it’s appropriate to play video memes. Such as a library, or your other half’s parents house on Christmas Eve. That and people are just lazy. So make your video viewable with or without sound!


Ironically I realise I’ve rambled a bit in this post. But remember, I’m not here to sell you (*wink face* Call me if you need help with Social Media Marketing – 020 3946 7675). But you have a 10th of a second to engage someone enough to earn a second and then that second to earn 10 seconds and so on. Oh and some placements have a 15 second time limit. So you kind of have to.

3. Be granular

This is just standard best practise. However if you’re paying by the impression (which you should), you should be as specific as you need to be to get as much conversion as possible or as much engagement as possible.

4. Use CPM bidding so your ads autoplay

I refer back to my drawn out rant in my opening statement. People are immune to ads. No one is going to go out there way to click play to see an ad promoting a subscription based toothpaste start up. Catch their attention by not giving people a choice.

5. Keep creating new content

Imagine you’re pumping out a video ad to a refined audience of 35,000 people. 2 months in you best bet the ad has all but lost it’s effectiveness and to most, 2 months of seeing the same ad is borderline infuriating. Ad fatigue is real people. And if you’ve been a long time Social marketer, you will know full well what this is when you see your cost per lead increase at a very much upward curve after a few weeks of one video. So get creating! I know companies who hire an entire creative team just to ensure they’re pumping out new refreshing content on a weekly basis to keep their audience engaged.

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