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Case Study: CWD

Client Name: Coyle White Devine (CWD)

It has been an absolute pleasure working with KMG. All of the staff are helpful, responsive and incredibly ‘user friendly’ for those, like me, who are not at all IT savvy. The various campaigns produced for us by KMG have been invaluable to us in the generation of new business.

Peter Coyle, Director.

Representing: Law

Company Background: CWD is a niche legal practice specialising in dispute resolution. Their team of lawyers has been carefully selected and recruited, almost exclusively from large London firms, for possessing the following core skills and values. At Coyle White Devine, they are dedicated to dispute resolution. They do it very well because they do nothing else.

Client Journey with KMG: CWD has been running successful Google Ads Search campaigns with KMG for more than 3 years. We advised on the original landing page design, and consult on the continued website improvements. We installed KMG Smartchat with a custom legal script and have 24 hr live operatives that service and generate new business.

Performance: CWD’s family and matrimonial dispute solicitor, by her own admission, is very busy. The conversion rate on the website averages 20% and their return of advertising spend is 800%. The chat service allows enquiries of a sensitive nature to be captured even when the firm is closed. Our optimisation has meant a stable flow of new clients every month. CWD’s prompt follow up on the leads and free initial consult has really helped the complete sales process. We are exploring KMG SEO for CWD now, so that they can expand their reach on Google indefinitely.

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