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Opinion – Touch The Readers Mind, and Engagement Will Follow

Do You Run Your Own Social Advertising?

The amount of times I’ve heard companies tell me they do their Social Media marketing themselves astounds me. I think it’s borderline ignorant to assume that because they know their business inside out, they don’t need help with Social Media marketing.

Publishers like Facebook and Instagram have had it rough when it comes to the quality of ads and posts being pumped through it on a daily basis. From a roofing company sharing a few iPhone 4s quality photos of their new sign, to a Osteopathic clinic writing a 1000 character Facebook post outlining the the importance of posture in the office. It’s safe to say that although they may know their craft, seldom do they know how to pair that with effective Social Media story telling that results in bottom line revenue growth!

So for the above example of business owners (and anyone else learning about social marketing) this ones for you! – 3 Tips to emotionally connect with your audience through Social Media and drive engagement!

What does your audience need?

Define your target audiences pain points and/or aspirations. If you want to engage your audience, you need to tap into their fears and/or desires. Think trends, upcoming trends, ‘how to/how to not’ guides.

Try to be granular with your audience targeting and create hyper specific content for that audience. In doing so you will experience far greater engagement!

Features tell, Stories sell

People for the most part absorb content with feelings and emotion rather than facts and logic. So you need to play on this and story tell.

You can do so in a number of ways whether it be a short post, an image, a video (use subtitles!!!), or if you’re clever you can experiment with crafting a long read.- Remember however, the typical Facebook user doesn’t read everything they flick through. They scan until something catches their eye enough to stop the blistering swiping pace on their smartphones. So create posts that will force users to want to stop and read more.

“How Sam?”

Your opening sentence needs to be a hook (Exclusive facts, bold statements, questions relevant to the target audience, and you can even experiment using indifference or other impulses)Trash the jargon. No one cares. Speak a language we can all understand. If you’re unsure, call your nan and see if it resonates with her. If not, back to the drawing board. Keep it concise (one thesis per post).


I cannot stress this enough. I’ve worked within Social Media marketing for many years and I have first hand experienced the detrimental effects poorly executed videos or crappy quality static images can have on the overall performance of a post.

Make sure videos are within an acceptable time allowance 15 seconds and make sure they also have subtitles for sound off.

Use quality imagery, not something you quickly shot on a phone, and if you just have to use a meme, make sure it’s relevant and understandable to your audience. Oh and try keep it from offending someone. One upset reader and it can be lights out for your Facebook page, or worse – Your business!

If you want quality content and engaging Social Advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Snapchat and Linked in, give KMG a call.