Case Study – Abbey House Dental

Client Name: Abbey House Dental – Implant & Sedation Centre

Representing: Dentistry

Company Background: As a dental practice who specifically specialises in dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Abbey House Dental strive to better themselves and go on a path of continual improvement to benefit everyone. They offer NHS and private dental patients for a range of specialist treatments.

Client Journey with KMG: We started dental implants advertising on Google Ads with Abbey House Dental last year. Then we strategised and decided to support this with a burst campaign on Facebook, with the idea to book up an open day. The Ads for the open day would promote the benefits of the free consultation for attendees. Please see below for an example of the Ads below.

This saved a lot of admin time for the dental staff that normally dealt with consultations one at a time and it created a buzz around the procedure. It was very time efficient this way. For this we used Facebook lead forms to capture people’s interest without taking them out of their social media news feed.

Performance: The open day was a success with 12 cases going ahead and 4 still considering. We then repeated this strategy and tapped into a whole new audience and this was even more of a success with 15 cases going ahead. With a 50% lead-case rate. They are opening a new clinic and can’t wait to build their patient base with some more for high-profit treatments. On an ongoing basis …

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