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Meet the team – Aimee Ford

Meet super Account Manager Aimee Ford, Bristol born glittery disco diva and festival princess. Smart and kind, she is a whizz on Facebook and has a talent for amazing social creatives.

Could you explain a little more about your position as an Account Manager?

As an AM I work closely with the consultants as well as the campaign professionals, from client introductions to setting campaign strategies. Whilst keeping on top of campaign performance, I also keep my clients happy and maintain good relationships with everyone involved. I need to ensure I am constantly learning more about my clients, their competitors and their customers.

Describe a typical working day for you as an Account Manager?

When I get into the office, I check my emails and diary first. Then I’ll look at the campaigns and check everything’s running as it should be – then discuss performance and potential opportunities with the team. I’ll usually have catch up calls or meetings booked in too. I usually spend lots of time pulling reports and making them look good, discussing performance with clients and keeping myself up to date with new market trends and industry news.

What made you go into digital marketing?

I studied Marketing Communications at uni and we did various modules but I always loved how new and evolving digital marketing is – the course was always being updated! I also find it really cool how we can track everything, including sites you visit, things you buy, videos you watch, and create an online persona too! Kinda creepy, but super useful to a marketer.

Why do you like being an Account Manager?

It’s rewarding to help businesses reach their goals online – one of my clients told us that we saved his business this year, so that was a good feeling! I also like the challenge of helping and giving advice to people when things aren’t going well and they need advice. I also like learning new things so working with (& learning about) different businesses in various industries keeps it exciting & motivating.

What is your favourite PPC metric and why?

Conversion rate – a good indicator of how the campaign is performing and also the metric that makes clients £££.

What has been your favourite moment working at KMG?

We are a very sociable bunch, so it’s a tough one! But, it has to be the Ski Trip to Chamonix in 2019. It was my first-time skiing and I came back with sooooo many bruises (& a black eye) from falling over – but we all bonded so well and it’s good to learn something new. Can’t wait for Val d’Isere in 2020 to make more awesome memories. Note – don’t go to Chamonix if you are a first time skier!!

What are you excited about in digital at the moment?

Beginning a new decade and all of the changes it’s going to bring! Think back to 2010, and things were just getting started, so I’m excited for a new decade of digital. I’d love to see virtual reality-based marketing – that would be super cool!

If you didn’t work in digital, where would you work?

I would either be a fashion designer, event planner or air hostess – something completely different but still creative.

Where do you see KMG in 10 years?

10 years older and with a few offices around the UK (Maybe even the world?!). We’ve had a fab few years and I don’t see it slowing down soon – hopefully we will have made it to Vegas too!!

What do you do in your spare time?

Eat pizza & listen to Beyonce.

Give us an interesting fact about one of your colleagues.

I recently found out at the Xmas party that Hebe can hide sprouts in her knees!!

And Finally, in 3 words, how would your friends and family describe you?

Resourceful, Creative, Intelligent (lol).