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Dental, Medical & Aesthetics
Propel your service to new heights with performance marketing solutions by KAU Media Group. We partner with you to transform your digital presence, attract more patients, increase your revenue, and achieve healthy, sustainable business growth.
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Your Digital Partner in the Dental, Medical & Aesthetics Sectors

Fully customisable digital services
bespoke to your needs.

We are a digital marketing agency passionate about taking businesses to the next level. Our digital services are fully customisable to the needs of our clients, allowing us to support all industries with our knowledge and expertise.

The work you do in the dental, medical, and aesthetics sectors has a huge impact on people’s lives. It transforms the health and wellbeing of individuals, making a real difference in the world. And we are proud to support the work you do!

However, in order to achieve your digital goals you need to be visible in a competitive market. With the help of our performance marketing services, we get more visibility, website traffic and conversions – helping you achieve faster business growth.


Our services aren’t just about helping our clients get the recognition they deserve, they’re about supporting clients to meet their goals and make a real difference in the world. We are proud to partner with dental, medical, and aesthetic companies on their journeys of digital transformation.









Dental, Medical & Aesthetics

Services We Offer Dental, Medical and Aesthetics Companies

Performance marketing services that
make a real difference.

We are invested in your online success. Whether you’re in dentistry, medicine, or aesthetics, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed. We provide the following services to propel your practice ahead of the competition:

Our services are fully customisable to your needs to ensure you receive the results you are hoping for. We truly understand your industry and believe that with the right marketing support, you can achieve real change.

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Performance Marketing for Dental Practices

We bring your smile back.

Grow your dental practice today with expert digital strategies delivered by KAU Media Group. We’ve worked with many dental institutions and are familiar with the unique challenges this industry faces.

Whether you are fighting to stand out in a competitive marketplace or you’re struggling to position yourself as an authority in the industry, we’re here to help. We can support you to connect with your patients, reach your professional goals, and claim your online presence.

Our digital services support sustainable business growth so that you can enjoy online success now and in the future. So, whatever your vision is for your dental practice, it’s worth getting in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Performance Marketing Services for the Medical Industry

We support professionals to
make a difference.

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving. From the uptake of new technologies to the increasing demands from patients, there is a lot to keep up with. We know that being in the medical industry your time is best spent working with patients but you still need to remain competitive online. That’s where we come in.

We create a well-crafted digital strategy that helps you deliver a comprehensive and professional service to your patients. By focusing on what your patients want, we can deliver a service that delivers solutions they care about. This builds trust, increases loyalty, and establishes you as a reputable provider in an overcrowded marketplace.

At KAU Media Group, we’re here to support your digital needs. Our team of experts dedicates time to learning about you and your business so you can get results that make a real difference – both to you and your customers.

Performance Marketing Services for Aesthetics

We help you look great
in a digital world.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every company has different needs and aspirations. That’s why we cater our services to suit you.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of performance marketing services for the aesthetics industry. We have been working with aesthetics clients for many years and understand the strategies needed to achieve success.

Whether you’re looking to increase your reach, attract more customers, or generate more revenue, we can help. Our range of high-quality services will ensure your aesthetic clinic receives the recognition it deserves.

Case Study

The MiSmile Network

MiSmile is the only GDP dental network endorsed by Invisalign with over 130 practices across the UK providing clear aligner treatment for customers who wish to have a straighter smile.


Number of MiSmile members grown over 2 years


Monthly lead increase within 2 years


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