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Corporate Responsibility

Charity Event for the UK’s Homeless

KMG are one of the official sponsors for the Hogarth Health Club Santa fun run. They are our local leisure club, and our KMG team members play Squash there regularly. They are fundraising whilst exercising, so this is an event that resonates with our healthy and active KMG culture. In addition, their chosen charity supports…

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Corporate Responsibility – KMG Donate Blood

Squeamish readers look away now as this month a few of our team braved the needle and donated their blood again to the NHS. The Hammersmith donation drive had two new KMG donatees and will bring along a few more when they are next in town. Around half of the NHS’s current donors are over…

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KMG’s Sponsored Sporting

  KMG collectively ran or cycled over 230 km this month in an amazing effort for their chosen charities. An inspiring personal achievement for all involved and a great day for those that supported. The KMG running club have been training with the participants and practising at lunch time doing work outs in local Ravenscourt…

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KMG Help Feed the Homeless

  “You can lose hope, but at Glass Door you can find hope. You can address situations and secure your self-worth. And you can find help to make a change.” KMG’s team have been taking it in turns to dedicate their time after work twice a month to help feed the homeless at the Chelsea…

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