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On The Blog – Why in-housing doesn’t work for most.

  We have had numerous clients approach us having partly or fully tried to bring their marketing in-house many of which have fallen at the first hurdle. Over the years we have had conversations with various inconveniences relayed, and we’ve heard some real horror stories! So, why might an advertiser want to take their marketing in-house?…

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Static Facebook Ads are so last decade

Sam’s back and this month he is talking about the importance of creating engaging Facebook Ads. If you’re part of the majority of daily social media users, you’ve probably been a user for a number of years now. It’s hard to fathom Facebook celebrates it’s 15th birthday this year. Think about it for a second.…

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What is a Realistic Budget?

Digital Consultant Sam is back with some words of wisdom: Don’t miss the entire forest trying to look for a tree. At KMG we are up front and realistic about what it takes for you to achieve your KPIs and business goals, so that they work and you see a return. We establish this from the…

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Ambush Marketing #TheWorldCup

With 3.2 billion viewers from more than 200 countries tuning into the World Cup 2018, it brings with it a wave of opportunities for Advertisers and Marketers to get involved in the conversation that everyone is having. It has been a gripping World Cup so far with the last three countries to win it now…

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Opinion – Will I be Automated out of a career?

It’s 2018 and it is easy to imagine a Black Mirror, dystopian world dominated by robots. There’s already an app for everything: self-check out machines at the supermarket, journalist robots publishing sports articles and self-deposit machines at the banks. You can check in your own bags at the airports and there are Amazon courier drones…

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