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Amazon DSP Just Touched Down in London Town!

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform probably isn’t a platform you’ve added in an omni-channel strategy the past year. Actually, I say probably however I’m almost certain you haven’t even thought about adding to your clients suite of products. I might even go as far as saying it might not even be something that you’re aware exists…

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On The Blog – Facebook’s Algorithm Update

Facebook’s Algorithm Update Have you noticed that on Facebook and Instagram nowadays you seem to see the same people’s content and posting all of the time? Sometimes even when you refresh, it shows you content you have already seen! Chronological date ordered news feeds are no more. My Facebook newsfeed and content has been overtaken…

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On The Blog – Facebook Ads That Inspire Us!

What do well optimised Facebook ads look like? Well, below I have compiled a list of some of the best ads currently running on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram in 2018 held 27.6% of the UK’s digital advert market and they are set to continue thriving. According to eMarketer market research company, they are set to…

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On The Blog: Competitor Strategy

Google Ads & Competitor Tactics In the ever-fierce battle to attract new customers on Google, how can businesses make their mark against the competition? One way is through running a competitor campaign and bidding on their brand name – for example, if a user searches for “Nike” they may be shown an advert for “Adidas”…

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SEO or PPC – Understanding What’s Right for Your Business Demystifying the World of Search With an overwhelming number of information sources available at our fingertips in this modern age it’s easy to understand why business owners are bewildered by marketing strategies, online platforms, algorithm updates and more! This is especially true when various schools…

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On the Blog – Why Creative is so Important on Social

When setting up a social campaign, it’s common to put all of your focus into the audience targeting, campaign type and strategy – thinking that’s all it takes for a winning campaign. Whilst developing the right audiences, targeting and campaign type is super important; if you want to improve your click through rate (CTR) and…

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Ben’s Guide to Writing Winning Google Text Ads

Meet KAU Media Group’s Operations Director Ben. He is responsible for strategy and extensive campaign quality control. In this blog he explains how writing the text for Google Search ads is almost always one of the last pieces of a new account set up, and should always take the most amount of time. At KMG, we continually…

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Do You Only Advertise on Google?

If you are advertising using KMG Search currently, that’s fabulous. But why stop there? Within Google alone, you can expand your reach. If you are an E-Commerce client, how about Google Display and Google Shopping?  How about Bing and Yahoo? Don’t forget, as well as Google, Facebook, Instagram and KMG Smartchat, we also advertise our clients on Amazon,…

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On the Blog – The 2018 Calendar Throwback

We have taken a look back on this year’s many many blogs and picked out the highlights and alongside this, some of the KMG 2018 milestones… January 22, 2018 | Case Study: Stronghold Security Doors. Check out the Full Story We kicked off the year with Stronghold Security Door’s Case Study. They had the experience and…

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