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Brighton SEO

#BrightonSEO was back for 2019 this month. The annual one-day search marketing conference returned and we were invited to go again! Practical in-depth talks from industry experts that give intimate access to some of the best minds in the business and the best, up-to-date practices. Operations Director Ben and Senior Account Manager/SEO specialist Gabi attended…

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With an overwhelming number of information sources available at our fingertips in this modern age it’s easy to understand why business owners are bewildered by marketing strategies, online platforms, algorithm updates and more! This is especially true when various schools of thought so often contradict each other. Any business owner wants to feel like they’ve…

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Static Facebook Ads are so last decade

If you’re part of the majority of daily social media users, you’ve probably been a user for a number of years now. It’s hard to fathom Facebook celebrates it’s 15th birthday this year. Think about it for a second. That’s a decade and a half!? To put that into context, the length of time between…

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KMGs Team Building Event

In March, you may have noticed a day that you received an Out of Office email from the team here. This was because KMG were on the slopes in Chamonix, France on our annual trip abroad. On this we were learning together how to ski or snowboard. For many in the team, this was their…

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The Importance of Office Culture

My Summer Work Experience at KMG Walking into the KAU Media Group headquarters on my first day of work experience, there was music playing and everyone greeted me with a smile. The modern space functions as an extension of the people in it. It is clear that KMG is full of high spirited, fun, personable,…

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KMG Smartchat – Our Cost-Per Lead Product

Are you missing out on potential conversions because your website does not have Smartchat? KMG Smartchat is our live chat tool technology that on average gives businesses a 30% increase on their conversions. In the next 500 words, I will try to convince you that Smartchat really is the most cost effective, useful and easy…

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One Family

Unity and togetherness are at the heart of how KAU Media Group operate. That is why we are proud to announce that we were the sponsor for the One Family official launch on Tuesday night. They are an amazing global-reach charity that brings people together to make a real, positive change worldwide. One Family has committed…

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