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10 Tips to a successful Black Friday!

BY TOM HART | November 2, 2021

Black Friday is fast approaching! From once humble beginnings over in Philadelphia in the 1950’s, it is now an online phenomenon. Since 2014 it has been a huge event. Marketing professionals are now preparing months, or maybe even a year, in advance. From small startups to large well-known businesses such as John Lewis and ASOS, black Friday plays an important role in their yearly performance. With the tips below you too can have a successful Black Friday!

  1. Prepare – Plan ahead of time, know what you are selling, what your discount codes are and create a marketing strategy. Also, be sure the sales offered are realistic to what your brand can deliver.
  2. Be selective with products – A popular strategy is to choose to discount your best sellers, create a buzz with your consumers by implementing limited-time discounts on some of your most successful items.  This creates more attention because they are already well sought-after items. Use larger discounts on the older stock to have a clear out, the Black Friday sale can be a huge benefit to companies removing old merchandise and products from last season.
  3. Discount Code – Selecting your online discount code is an easy one, but our main tip is to make sure it is easy and clear to enter at checkout – the more complicated you make the code the harder it is for your customers to use.
  4. Presentation is key - Ensure your ad formats are presented well, we want them to be clear to the online shopper, as well as aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Invest in your PPC – Look at increasing your Pay Per Click budget, Black Friday creates more online traffic, for example in 2019, 93.2 million buyers were shopping online. The competition is huge and the return on investment is too.
  6. Seamless shopping experience - Ensure your website has an immaculate experience for online shoppers. We want our consumers to find shopping an easy process, make it quick and efficient for them and it will reduce the chance of them going to another online store.
  7. Email marketing - Increase subscribers leading up to Black Friday, use this time to grow your contact list and spread the word of your upcoming sales.
  8. Social Media – Use this time to create a countdown effect on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn. Let your customers know what to expect, build up suspense and generate interest.
  9. Reduce Cart Abandonment - Cart abandonment is a regular occurrence in online shopping, you can never completely eliminate the problem but you can most definitely reduce it. Use smart pop-ups to give a friendly nudge to your customers, maybe even a further discount or a cheeky reminder that they have left items in their basket!
  10. Extend the promotions – don’t be afraid to offer more than just the one day of sales, the perfect way to catch last-minute shoppers or those who missed the Friday sales.

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