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Amazon DSP Just Touched Down in London Town!

BY TOM HART | December 13, 2019

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform probably isn't a platform you've added in an omni-channel strategy the past year. Actually, I say probably however I'm almost certain you haven't even thought about adding to your clients suite of products. I might even go as far as saying it might not even be something that you're aware exists (god forbid). However forgiveness may be due given it's infancy here in the land of the queen. Albeit a bit overdue given the 32.7 million unique visitors in the UK! But it's here now and if you're in the world of digital, or you're just bored tab shuffling (millennial paper shuffling) at work looking for below average blog posts to read on LinkedIn to push through the ever so slowly passing pre xmas work clock, then read on.

Did you know, I spent £7,828 this year purely on Amazon prime. 82% of you didn't know, 100% of you don't care.

- Samuel Willdrige Kalepa

So what is Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

Hashtag; ifyouknowyouknow. However for the vast majority of us digital media buying barons here in the UK, when it comes building a solid foundation of digital strategy you likely first roll out a search campaign, some remarketing, a dash of Display on the Google Display Network, perhaps a bit of AdRoll, Criteo, etc. Probably under the assumption you actually have to be a product seller on Amazon to leverage Amazons incredibly insightful 1st party consumer data right?

Well now ya don't.

The Amazon DSP is a platform that enables marketers to programmatically purchase display & video ad placements across Amazons network. It also allows advertisers to reach, educate, and re-engage customers on and off Amazon. And yes, ring the alarm because these are placements that you are driving back to your WEBSITE, not Amazon.

Yep. You heard correct, and you better come correct because Amazon will not only be a true contender to Googles dominance in online advertising, but some analysts have gone as far as saying by 2022 Amazon will be the major marketing powerhouse.

What does this mean for marketers?

The huge upside is that we now have access at an agency level to Amazons 1st party consumer data which we can use to target audiences at a granular level never seen before.

How is this different to other ad exchanges?

There's the well known adage; Google know what you're searching for, Facebook know what you're talking about (creeps). And Amazon? Well, Amazon know how you buy. By using their 1st party data we can leverage Amazon’s in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviors real time on their network and on their platform, like:

  • Purchase history.
  • Brand affinity.
  • Searches performed.

And the 30+ million UK monthly visitors is a bit of a perk as well.

Who can use Amazon DSP?

Up until now Amazon marketing was only available to Amazon sellers. Now with the new DSP, Amazons data goldmine is available to brands who sell products both on and off Amazon. So whether you want to buy display and video ads at scale, reach beyond search console capabilities, or cannot sell on Amazon yet want to leverage Amazon Audiences, the DSP is for you.

There's 2 ways in which you can run Amazon DSP ads;

  1. Amazon Managed (Amazon run it for you @ £10k minimum monthly spend)
  2. ESS (Enterprise Self Service) Managed (Approved agencies can run @ no minimum monthly spend)

Now I've always been pretty rubbish at closing statements however you guessed correct, we are one of the very few agencies who are approved. And that was my Ted Talk.


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