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Dignity Funerals

Dignity Funerals offer funeral services, facilities, care and pre-paid plans to communities across over 800 funeral locations. They own 46 crematoria across the country. By total visits, Dignity Funerals is the largest funeral directors in the UK, November 2019.



In 2017, due to the strong performance from our campaign together coupled with the vision to grow, Dignity Funerals decided to dominate the funeral industry and aim to become no. 1 funeral directors in the UK. They asked KAU Media Group, in partnership with Rich Digital, to help them but to ensure their cost per call doesn’t grow too.


Over the next 18 months and through rapid expansion, we grew their budget to 65x the initial amount when we first started working with Dignity. Through our daily account management and data science as well as creative advice for their website to drive conversions on the page, we maintained the cost per call to average under £60 during this time.

We used a combination of Google and Bing. Bing worked well for the older demographic however Google, as anticipated, still outperformed when it came down to conversions.


We very conservatively estimated that Dignity converted 15% of all qualified calls that came from the campaign, though we suspected this was really closer to 30%. So, with an average order value of over £4000 for their service, their return on investment was near 1000% and therefore returned £millions per month for the business.

To summarise, that means that in over 8 years Dignity Funerals’ ROI grew over 60+ times from their PPC campaign.