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Fireworks Music School

Fireworks Music School was founded in 2015 by Italian born Barbara De Biasi. Having been running for just 5 years, the school is now London’s largest and most prestigious music teaching agency with over 800 pupils and 200 teachers. The school offers both at home tutoring or there are various London locations should pupils prefer to travel. Students range from 4 to 81 years of age and the teachers are chosen from highly esteemed music conservatoires.



Barbara was looking to grow the business by getting more students for music lessons. While the school offers tutoring for a wide range of instruments we have always focused on the most popular and widely known, these being Violin, Piano and Guitar. More recent additions include Cello, Drums and Singing! During the COVID-19 measurements, Fireworks music school was challenged to change their whole business, reforming their physical music tuitions into virtual ones. Barbara acted fast in adapting her offering to online tuition in order to continue servicing current students and in the hope to still reach new ones. In line with this we created new campaigns focusing on online lessons, with the goal of getting new students to enquire and take up a new hobby while most have more time to do so.


Together with KMG, they turned this challenge into an opportunity and advertised their online lessons effectively. Moreover, KMG creative team made a landing page specifically for this online music interest and showed ads where the intent was high. An A/B test showed that the landing page performed better than the homepage. The overall results show that both the campaigns did perform strongly throughout and that the number of leads generated is stable to pre COVID-19. A huge achievement in this turbulent time. Meanwhile, KMG had developed their website, focusing on the user journey of the students and their parents. We run highly targeted  ads to a quality audience pool. We mapped out London’s most affluent areas, because testing had shown their high intent.


  • 60+ new conversions per month sustained so far through 2020
  • An avg. of 25 new students per month prior to COVID-19
  • 40 brand new students since lock-down began
  • 130k impressions generated in 2020
  • The highest traffic volume driven in 2020 compared to previous period.

“We have been with KAU Media Group for a couple of years and we are very happy. Gabi is great and very efficient.”

— Barbara De Biasi, Founder, Fireworks Music School