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Fleetmaxx Solutions

Fleetmaxx are a fully owned subsidiary of Oilfast Ltd, who are a substantial bulk fuel, lubricant and licensed Adblue® distributor based in the UK. Fleetmaxx was formed in April 2019 to supply specialist advice to businesses concerning the major aspects of fleet management.



Fleetmaxx Solutions had never ventured into inbound marketing via Google. KMG were contacted to implement an effective Google Ads strategy to drive high quality in volume to their new business team.


KMG strategic and creative teams sat down (virtually) to discuss ideas. After running successful campaigns in this sector previously we established what works and put forward a plan to gain leads into the business via Google Ads. As Fleetmaxx were new to inbound marketing there were no landing pages. We designed and built landing pages for each of the different products designed to be highly relevant, simple to use & highly converting.


  • Within 8 days, they had generated 300k of annual revenue
  • avg. 8.38% conversion rate on KMG landing pages
  • 109 conversions and counting

I am action-ing all the leads that are coming up to the Scottish office, that was another 6 deals I did yesterday which is unbelievable under the circumstances so a massive thank you, they are some really good quality leads coming through.”

— Fleetmaxx New Business Consultant