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Locations London

Locations London has built an extensive library of unique and varied residential, commercial, industrial and retail locations for film, TV, photography and event locations. Capitalising on a collective 40 years of experience within the property industry, in 2011 Jonny Levy, Jamie Levy, and Lloyd Becker established Locations London, a London based commercial property agency.



In 2018, Locations London was not yeilding any results from the campaign that they were running in-house. Having analysed, KMG identified that the traffic was not relevant at all and advertising spend was in effect being wasted every month. KMG needed to turn this around and get Locations London high-quality enquiries and a good return on their advertising spend.


We cleaned up the campaign’s traffic significantly. Creating a granular, highly optimised Google Ads campaign. Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) were used to continuously mine for new keywords in a cost-effective way. DSAs use Locations London’s website content to scan, analyse and match with search queries. Also, DSA ads generate headlines for their ad copy using content from the advertiser’s website, which ensures the relevancy of the ads. We used Google’s smart bidding to employ machine learning technology to optimise the bids to maximise on conversions and conversion value. With Google’s smart bidding, there is a wide range of bidding signals for Google to do real time bidding optimisation. As the campaign matured and grew from strength to strength, the online market became more competitive and smart bidding helped us to stay ahead of the curve. KMG’s campaign management saw immediate tangible results through bookings, registrations, and enquiries.


  • CPC dropped 29% in Q1
  • visitors recorded a 46% uplift in Q1
  • conversions increased by 57%
  • £26.50 avg. CPL in 2019
  • expanding network into new premises every month

“The KAU Media Group team are always very good to work with. Very communicative and happy to help at the drop of a hat.”

– Myles Waud, Director.