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The MiSmile network was formed and is led and mentored by Dr. Sandeep Kumar, one of only a handful of dentists in the UK to have performed more than 1,000 Invisalign cases. Following the successful launch of Dr Sandeep’s MiSmile clinic in Birmingham in 2014, and combined with ongoing patient demand for Invisalign, the MiSmile Network was created.



The KMG brief was to provide high quality, and high quantity of leads via channels of paid search, paid social & programmatic display whilst not increasing the overall spend. The client also wanted to make sure the budget allocation was correct for each member location and that the end goal of Invisalign sales was achieved.


KMG worked with the creative team to deliver 100s of dynamic landing pages, and created 1000s of campaigns which utilised a hyperlocal strategy tailored to each geographical location, demographic, stage in the funnel and respective competition, with each practice’s USPs considered.

KMG in collaboration with the DenGro team, developed end to end tracking to measure the performance of the campaigns. This innovative technology allowed KMG to track the patient journey, increase conversion rate offline by nurturing the patients through the buying funnel, and loop back the data from this system back to Google Ads and other channels to determine where patients were coming from.


  • Conversion rates from a visit to lead are up by 27.4%
  • CTR has increased by 35.1%
  • Visits are up by 42.8%
  • Sales are the highest they have ever been
  • 70+ new network members

“Finding a partner was a big decision for me. Probably the biggest decision I’ve had to make. Signing up with KMG was the best decision we could ever have made as a business. The performance and growth we have received with KMG has been outstanding. They keep finding ways to improve and grow the network every month. Long may this partnership continue.” 

– Sandeep Kumar, Founder & CEO, mismile