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Google Discovery Campaigns: Find New Customers On Google

Fill your marketing funnel with hyper-relevant, highly-targeted customers in the market for your services!

Google Discovery ads are a new paid search format that Google has just made available to all advertisers globally this summer. These ads allow advertisers to show their products to targeted audiences on Google’s Discover feed as well as prominently at the top of YouTube and Gmail. We’ve been avidly testing them here at KMG!

If you’re an iPhone user, you may not be as familiar with the Google Discover feed. On the Google app (default on most Android phones) and now on on any device, this feed shows you new information and inspiration based on your search history. For example, a news article based on topics you’ve previously read; a recipe based on items you’ve searched; or a travel destination blog based on flights you’ve been researching. It’s grown dramatically over the past year, and now has over 800 million people using their Discover feed each month. This is quickly growing to the same region of MAU as Instagram (1B+) and Facebook (2.7B+).

There are some very attractive aspects to this new ad format for Google, primarily the ability to target customers based on their search history and intent. You can create an audience based on women 25-45 in the UK who’ve been searching for something as specific as “night creams”, and serve them targeted ads with your products! Compared to standard search ads, Discovery ads feature images and video and are highly visual and engaging. And unlike Display or Video campaigns where you are trying to capture a user’s attention while they are looking for something else, the Discover feed occupies premium placements that tend to be used much more like Facebook or Instagram – in moments of leisure, searching for interesting content.

In the Discovery campaigns we’ve run for our clients so far we’ve seen some great results – CPCs that are almost half that of our search campaigns, for users that we know are in the market for our service!

If you’d like to try Google’s Discovery Campaigns for your business, get in touch with us on 0203 368 8556 or to get started.