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Google provides an automatic update tool for Smart Shopping to Performance Max upgrades

BY TOM HART | July 1, 2022

Back in Q4 2021, Google launched its new Performance Max campaigns for Paid Search advertisers, giving them the ability to advertise across five of Google's properties, Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube and Discovery.

 The opportunity to reach so many potential customers across so many platforms has proved to be very popular with advertisers and in many cases has been providing better results than standard Search and Shopping campaigns and even the Smart Shopping campaigns.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for the Performance Max campaigns, many people have criticised the lack of reporting that Google provides, there is no information on what keywords are being bid or even what platform your budget is being spent on, however, with the improved performance, this lack of reporting seems like a pill that many are willing to swallow.

 At the start of 2022 Google announced that these new Performance Max campaigns would replace Smart Shopping campaigns and be the default automated campaign for advertisers. To aid this upgrade Google has created a new, one-click, tool that will upgrade Smart Shopping to Performance Max.

The Performance Max campaigns are already relatively straightforward to create but this new one-click option takes away all the work required and allows users to upgrade their whole campaign in minutes.

 For those who haven’t already upgraded, or aren’t aware that they need to, Google will start automatically upgrading Smart Shopping campaigns from July, with the aim that they will be completed by August.

Of course, it will be easier to let Google automatically update all your campaigns, however, retaining some control of how the campaigns are set up will be the preference for many. Any new campaigns can cause some volatility so controlling that as much as possible is recommended.

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