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Google set to remove similar audience segments

BY TOM HART | November 2, 2022

Recently Google has announced that similar audience segments are going to be removed, come August 2023, advertisers will no longer have access to the similar audience feature.

In May 2023, the ability to create new similar audience segments in campaigns will cease being added to campaigns and ad groups across all Google platforms. In August 2023 the similar audience segments will be removed completely.

This is another step to automate more of the paid advertising process across the Google platforms, which we first saw in a major way with the introduction of Performance Max campaigns.

Google says that there will be a replacement to similar audience segments that will be “more powerful, tested, privacy-centric automated solutions. These solutions help advertisers connect with relevant audiences, all while meeting people’s expectations for privacy.”

“We are committed to creating durable, resilient solutions for our advertisers to help them reach an engaged and relevant audience, even as fewer third-party cookies are available. Automation is a big part of this commitment.”

The replacement for similar audience segments will be arriving in two parts, for video display and performance campaigns, optimised targeting will be introduced and for brand campaigns, audience expansion will be the replacement.

Optimised targeting will help advertisers discover new, relevant audiences without the reliance on third-party cookies, Google is currently predicting a 55% uplift in performance for businesses using these campaigns.

Audience expansion makes it easier for businesses to reach a larger audience of people likely to convert.

This sees the latest step of advertising platforms trying to improve performance without reliance on cookies. The claims of increased performance are impressive but as yet, remain unproven by a mass audience.

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