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Facebook Certified Planning Professional

BY TOM HART | November 29, 2018

Becoming Facebook Blueprint Certified

Facebook Certified Planning Professional  Issuer: Facebook Blueprint
What does this mean? Blueprint Certification is Facebook's credentialing program for digital advertising professionals who demonstrate advanced proficiency in Facebook marketing. The Facebook Certified Planning Professional credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns. KMG needed to demonstrate advanced-level competency in the following areas:
  • Managing Facebook Pages
  • Selecting and using Facebook advertising objectives
  • Managing, creating and purchasing Facebook ads
  • Targeting audiences for maximum impact
  • Improving performance and delivery via the ad auction
  • Meeting and reporting ad KPIs
  • Understanding and testing the Facebook Pixel and SDK
  • Leveraging consumer insights and the product catalog
  • Troubleshooting ad issues
KMG clearly excelled in the above. If you are not already exploring KMG Paid Social Advertising and tapping into the potential of an omni-channel marketing strategy, then get in touch with your Account Manager. There's endless possibilities in both re-targeting and prospecting on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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