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KMG Help Feed the Homeless


“You can lose hope, but at Glass Door you can find hope. You can address situations and secure your self-worth. And you can find help to make a change.”

KMG’s team have been taking it in turns to dedicate their time after work twice a month to help feed the homeless at the Chelsea Methodist Church. Glass Door is the biggest homeless charity in London and we are grateful to have the opportunity to give back to our local community.

The KMG team has admired the Glass Door staff and revered the organisation for providing a welcoming and uplifting refuge for the hundreds of homeless attendees every week. Upon arrival, they are served a three course meal, a hot drink and given a warm place to sleep for the night. A local bakery provides the bread and chefs cook the feast. Those that do not stay, are welcome to take their food away with them.

Many people spoke honestly and openly about their struggles. Of the domino affect that landed them into homelessness through injury or family trauma. Others, just appreciated having a friendly person to talk to about every day, mundane things. It has been a humbling and enriching experience for us to partake in.

KMG holds this charitable organisation close to our hearts, and we will continue to volunteer on the ground throughout the year.