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Meet the team – Jo Jackson

BY TOM HART | November 5, 2020

In addition to helping our clients get great results from their digital activity and understand more about this ever changing industry, I also lead the Account Management team and provide insights for potential clients.

Could you explain a little more about your position as Head of Client Services?

Describe a typical working day for you as Head of Client Services

My day starts with checking the performance results of my clients and liaising with them on any major changes needed or new trends in the market. I'll then finalise the prep for any client meetings I have that day, before checking the major marketing publications for any new features on the platforms we use. Between meetings I'll deep dive into campaigns, check in on performance and updates across the AM team, and work with our internal teams and external partners to make sure we are leading the way within the digital industry.

What made you go into digital marketing? 

I studied Advertising at Uni so knew I wanted to do something in the marketing world, and happened to be randomly approached about a digital agency after leaving my first grad role at a PR agency. Back then Search was relatively new and Social non existent so I've loved seeing how quickly the industry has developed.

Why do you like being Head of Client Services?

I like the mix of working with data and people. Having that down time to really analyse campaigns, and using this to develop wider strategies with my clients and see their performance improve across their whole business. I've been very lucky in the past to have colleagues that I've learnt a lot from, and I love having the opportunity to do that for others.

What is your favourite PPC or SEO metric and why? 

Click-Through-Rate. It's really interesting to see how even tiny tweaks to ads can massively impact the engagement it has.

What has been your favourite moment working at KMG? 

Trialling new platforms for clients. Getting them to a position where they understand the wider impact of the activity we do for them and seeing them integrate this into the core focus of their business. 

Also I'm currently in the top spot of the Fantasy Football league so that's pretty good!

What are you excited about in digital at the moment?  

How our work is going to change as AI and AR develops. Being able to interact with potential customers on a whole new level is going to change our industry.

If you didn’t work in digital, where would you work? 

I'd run fitness retreats somewhere exotic, that allow people to develop a new mindset on keeping their body and mind healthy.

Where do you see KMG in 10 years?

Hopefully still near a Taco Bell! We'll continue to expand our teams as our client base grows, keeping our focus on helping SMB/start ups in addition to our bigger clients. I'll be 10 time reigning champ of the KMG Fantasy Football league so there will be another excuse for post work drinks if we're ever allowed to a pub in a group again.

What do you do in your free time?

Visiting my dog Molly is my favourite thing to do. A girl's gotta eat though so I'm probably hunting down the latest Mexican street food truck or trying to spend some time outside in the sun.

Give us an interesting fact about one of your colleagues.

I've heard there are some fellow ex-competitive cheerleaders in the office but I'm yet to find out who they are...

And finally, in 3 words, how would your friends and family describe you? 

Active, Hungry and Bendy


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