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Meet the team – Mhayk Whandson

BY TOM HART | February 14, 2020

Meet Mr. Mhayk Whandson, a family man with a heart of gold. Super intelligent and living here all the way from Amazonia in Brazil, Mhayk is a key member of KMG's amazing development team.   

Could you explain a little more about your position as a Developer?

Sure, my job at KMG is to ensure that our technology keeps working efficiently to facilitate the running of our huge portfolio of clients. We have developed a tool that helps summon reports in real-time to KMG management for them to keep a pulse check on the business. We have also developed a faster and improved platform that automates our invoicing and billing process. As advertising spend is dynamic depending on search volumes and budget pacing preferences, this tool is key in optimisation of spend.

Describe a typical working day for you as a Developer?

I am always here early and I check everything is in order. I run scripts that show whether integrations have broken, review our spends and log my updates/fixes/new features to enhance our in-house platforms.

What made you become a developer?

At first, I thought I would be a doctor but after witnessing some violence on the streets on the way to school in Brazil, I thought better of it. My Dad gave me a computer at the age of 7. My neighbour and I started with DOS and then IRC internet relay chat. Then in 1998, Linux was the most used operating system. This was before HTML and CSS mark up. PHP programming was my first language and now I am speaking English fluently too! I was driven to go to Manaus because Computer Science was bigger there than in my home town. I started University so young there at 16 so programming and developing has been an influence on my life from an early age.

Why do you like being a Developer?

  1. You can dream and develop anything you can
  2. The challenge of it
  3. New technological updates and continuous updates
  4. You can merge your experiences and create another product connecting your knowledge
  5. My motivation is to every day be learning/reading/understanding more and more
  6. There are lots of layers to my profession and I am always striving to reach its core

What has been your favourite moment working at KMG?

Professionally, by my third month with the company I had executed scripts which were achieving the same results but 28x faster (from 56 minutes down to 2 minutes). This was a great moment for us as we implemented parallel processing. Socially, Ascot horse races with the team was so fun.

What has been the biggest challenge of being a Developer?

At 24 years of age, my biggest challenge was that I created the first ERP in Brazil!! I received two new commits on the LINUX kernel for my contribution to an open-source project. For the non-techies, that translates to government recognition for excellence in development.

What motivates you at the moment?

To prove to myself that I can create software to run not just in Windows.

If you didn’t work as a developer, where would you work?

As an Accountant – the software that I developed in Brazil managed invoices and I got a flavour for it. Or I would be a Maths professor. For 2/3 years I taught at a region called Manaus helping people pass the LINUX certification.

What have been some highlights of your career?

  1. Working on speech recognition software
  2. Improving digital television to be a higher resolution in Brazil
  3. Creating compatibility between the new webcam technology and the 4000 old school ATMs in Brazil
  4. Creating an ERP that managed stocks, reports, and credits

What do you do in your free time?

I am always with my wife and daughter. I am teaching her how to swim now.

Give us an interesting fact about one of your colleagues.

Hebe is freakishly good at charades.

And Finally, in 5 words, how would your friends and family describe you?

Courageous, caring, helpful, fair and a good father.


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