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Your Website Can Generate You More Business

BY TOM HART | January 30, 2020

Everything needs to function properly on your website. This includes your e-commerce platform, forms, phone number and hyperlinks and making sure you have no 404 errors! We suggest checking this every week. When you or your developer make changes to the website (e.g. changing the URL or a form), this could impact the conversion rate. That’s why it is necessary to notify your agency about the changes you have made so that they can check the tracking. This avoids the agency pausing keywords that are seemingly not performing based on broken tracking rather than fact.

Everything should work


When somebody clicks on your ad and then goes to your site for the first time, this page should immediately reflect what service you are providing or what product you are selling. The headlines and images should be highly relevant. For example, see above. For acne scarring treatments, this should be mentioned in the headline, complemented with an image showing the treatment or with a before-and-after image. It seems obvious, but relevancy is often overlooked.

Focus on your USPs

Regularly, remind your potential customer why you are the best in the industry and why you are better than your competitor. Champion your offer price, the awards that you have worked so hard to win, the businesses you have worked with, your multiple locations, the free delivery you offer and the quality of your product/service. The best practice is, the more specific your USP (unique selling point) is, the better. So instead of mentioning “high-quality service”, specifically mention “voted best UK tutors 2020”. Check out our USPs for The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.


The look and feel of your site should reflect your business. When you are a luxurious aesthetic clinic situated in the higher price range, your website should reflect that and so should your offering. You need to justify your prices in the consumers' eyes. The quality of your images whether that's before and afters or product images, should reflect your brand.


Building credibility and trust are extremely important. You need to add as many positive and real customer testimonials as possible. To have more control over it, you can add them manually to your website. It's very powerful to use a 3rd party review company like Trustpilot or Checkatrade as well. These are recognised and independently reviewed.

User Experience

Your website must be mobile-first in its design. It is essential to make navigation on your website as intuitive as possible, so the visitors can quickly find what they want. Your website navigation structure should also allow someone to land on any page on your site and be able to convert. Consider what visitors might want to do on your site. This could be contacting you (“Contact us” or a form on each page), finding your products or finding more about the company (“About us”). Keep it clear and simple and categorise everything intuitively in the navigation bar on the top of your site.

KMG Smartchat

With Smartchat you can help facilitate visitors when they require more information. It can not only boost your sales but it can also help you understand your visitor’s behaviour on your website. It is a 24/7 global, managed chat service. It is proven to boost a websites conversion rate by up to 40%.

Stay up-to-date and test drive

Delete that award you won in 2011 and replace it with the award you have just won. Same goes for the 200 companies you have worked with (it’s already 300 now!). Get an objective and candid opinion on your website. Make your friends and family test all the functionality and processes and give you feedback. Amazon and Asos win because of the ease of their navigation. Their processes are tried, tested and EASY.

To conclude, as a campaign performance specialist, I look at the websites of my clients daily. I check if everything is working correctly and conversion optimised. Together with the Account Managers, we advise our clients on how they can improve their site. We have seen the amazing effects that these changes have on their websites' conversion and bounce rates when they implement even the smallest changes that we suggest. Every website and industry is different and has distinctive ways to maximise leads and their revenue streams. With these simple tips, that can be applied to any business online, you can ensure that your website exceeds its lead potential.

Whether when you are creating your website from scratch or you are making changes to an existing website, call KMG today to talk to our inhouse design team.


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