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Your Christmas Checklist Digital Marketing Edition

BY TOM HART | December 2, 2021

'Tis the season to be selling! I think we can all agree that this year has flown by and with last Christmas being the height of the pandemic, we are ready to celebrate with our friends and families, sharing gifts, wining and dining and overall, just enjoying ourselves!

As a marketing professional you should use this time wisely, Christmas is a fantastic way to explore your creative side with marketing campaigns and reach out to a new demographic. We have large companies such as John Lewis, who have managed to create such a buzz around the release of their Christmas advert.

This is the time to be daring with your marketing campaign, make current customers feel appreciated and make new customers feel wanted!

If Santa checks his list twice, maybe you should too! See below our Christmas Marketing Checklist!

Santa on Laptop
  • Check previous campaign: This is the best way to see what has worked previously and what hasn’t. See what your demographic was, what posts your customers enjoyed most, what advert got the largest click rate or which one had the most conversions. It is a fantastic way to learn what your customers like.
  • Know your Christmas message: Each year many brands create a theme and a message behind their Christmas Marketing campaign. A lot of companies aim towards being with your loved ones, forgiveness and giving. It is an excellent way to grab customers attention and show what you as a company are all about.
  • Email Marketing: Personally, I am a big fan of email marketing, I think it is a fantastic way to attract new customers and to KEEP customers. You can use this alongside social media posts to create a countdown, some company’s use it as an advent calendar where they offer different discounts throughout time of December.
  • Live Chat Service: Let’s be honest, Christmas is a time of chaos. With the hussle and bussle of the streets most people turn to online shopping for a calmer experience of shopping. However, this leads to quick decision making and you can lose a customer in an instant if they do not get the information they are looking for. Smart chat means there is someone available 24/7 for your buyers to contact for quick fire questions – a great way to keep a customer on your page and to help complete a transition from page visitor to buyer! Take a look at our article on Smartchat and see if we can help you.
  • Say Thank You: Thank your clients for their business, let them know they are important to you by sending a Christmas card or a hamper. It is just as important to keep current clients happy as it is to attract new ones. 
  • Scheduled Posts: Work is piling up; it is the end of the year and life can get a little manic. So don’t make the mistake of ‘winging’ your posts, create a schedule for them, know what you are posting and when. Or even better than that, you can download the app Combin.  Which is a free scheduling app for Instagram, it lets you upload your perfected posts at certain times so you don’t have to worry – you just create the design and select the time and date for uploading!  

And a side note to end the checklist, have a fantastic Christmas. Enjoy the time with your co-workers, celebrate the successes of the business over the last year and aim to end the year with a bang!


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