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YouTube drops maximize lift bidding

BY TOM HART | April 1, 2022

As of April 1st 2022, Google has ended its support of Maximized Lift bidding for YouTube in order to focus on more enhanced ad offerings that align with how advertisers want to buy.

What was it?

Maximize Lift was a specific YouTube bid optimisation strategy that allowed advertisers to optimise their TrueView In-Stream campaign for consideration lift. The bid strategy focused on showing an ad to people who were more likely to consider your brand or product. With the use of machine learning and working alongside Brand Lift measurement, Maximize lift was able to target a more fitting audience that was in the consideration phase. 

In order to utilise Maximize Lift bidding, users needed to set up Brand Lift measurement. A tool that helps to measure recall, awareness and consideration and requires a Google Account Rep to activate on your behalf.

Maximum Lift bidding used details the advertiser provides about their brand or product to generate content for Brand Lift surveys. The survey responses were then used by Maximize Lift to focus on the consumers that were the best fit for the product. Unlike other bidding types Maximize Lift didn’t optimize towards views, but would rather optimize towards lift.


Although Maximize lift wasn’t launched that long ago, 2018, with the appeal of driving meaningful B2C results, the bid strategy had to come to a swift end as a Google spokesperson voices “While we did see some success, we are sunsetting the bidding tool to focus on scalable solutions like skippable in-stream ads that are more in line with how advertisers want to buy”. The company was seeing less and less focus on Brand Lift within YouTube and focus needed to be shifted towards more effective ad strategies.

So what?

As a result the halt of Maximized lift poses an issue for advertisers as it alters the results seen in Brand Lift and new solutions will be needed. Kau Media Group has multiple experts in campaign strategy and set-up on Google Accounts and if advertisers are seeking help optimising their YouTube campaigns get in contact on 0203 368 8556 or


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