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Tiktok Introduces Shopify to its Platform

It is no surprise that Tiktok has been a huge benefit to business owners over the last couple of years, with just over 15 billion active daily users, its fun and the creative platform is one of the top social media apps to build your business on.

In August 2021, Tiktok released the news that they have partnered with Shopify to create an even more seamless way to buy from your favourite brands and making Tiktok a shopping platform. This partnership also includes new features that let creators tag the products used in videos, so they can directly link the customer to the item being used – a fantastic way to sell through content creators.

Downloads have continued to soar and entrepreneurs are seeing a clear advantage in using the app for business growth and the new Shopify partnership is in place to optimize their Tiktok marketing campaigns. With one click on the desired ad, it simply transfers you to their e-commerce site for checkout, making purchasing from your favourite brands within the app effortless.

You may already be running your campaigns on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that also have in-app shopping features, reaching out to Tiktok’s audience (especially if your demographic is between the ages of 16-24) may be the valuable addition you need to enhance your marketing strategy. 

If you are not already using TikTok it may be useful to read through our ‘All you need to know about Tiktok in two minutes’ article to get started!    

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