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Introducing Facebook Shops, a new online shopping experience. I think this particularly important right now because so many small businesses…

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Could Google’s latest update be about to impact your SERP ranking?

By Olivia Morley | March 19, 2020

Every year, Google makes hundreds of algorithm changes, both big and small and some will noticeably impact where your website…

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Meet the team – Mhayk Whandson

By hebe | February 14, 2020

Meet Mr. Mhayk Whandson, a family man with a heart of gold. Super intelligent and living here all the way…

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Your Website Can Generate You More Business

By Sherilyn | January 30, 2020

Everything should work Everything needs to function properly on your website. This includes your e-commerce platform, forms, phone number and…

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SEO – Jan 2020 Google Featured Snippet Update

By KAU Media Group | January 24, 2020

Google has confirmed that webpages in a featured snippet position will no longer be repeated in regular Page 1 organic…

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Google Text Ads get a new look

By hebe | January 18, 2020

Both Google Ads and the organic listings have had a January 2020 facelift. New Year, New Search Engine Results Page…

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On the blog – A Quick Look Back On Some 2019 Highlights

By hebe | December 24, 2019

We had record spending on Facebook and Google. Grown by 50% as a business and our client base by 40%….

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Amazon DSP Just Touched Down in London Town!

By sam | December 13, 2019

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform probably isn’t a platform you’ve added in an omni-channel strategy the past year. Actually, I say…

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Hot Topic – Facebook’s Data Transfer Project

By hebe | November 29, 2019

Have you got thousands of pictures spanning back years and years in the depths of your Facebook profile? Creating a…

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Meet The Team – RJ Laylo

By KAU Media Group | November 16, 2019

Meet Campaign Performance Professional RJ Laylo. He’s a complex fella, and although it may not look it – he is…

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Hello BERT!

By hebe | October 30, 2019

It’s October 2019 and Google has announced an algorithm update called BERT. It is set to make a huge difference…

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